Sic Semper Tyrannis

In the wake of the recent shooting at a government building in Virginia Beach which left twelve people dead, Virginia’s Governor has called a special session of the legislature to enact gun control. I wish I could say I am surprised. Unfortunately, I doubt anyone is.

It is no surprise that a left-wing governor, embroiled in controversy over his racism, wants to strip law-abiding citizens of their rights. It is a politically expedient thing to do in his situation, and certainly a relief for him and those around him. He now has a good crisis to exploit, thereby relieving himself of some political pressure as a result of his racist tendencies. The unfortunate thing about it though is that it illustrates how far we have drifted from the original foundation of our nation.

The flag of Virginia depicts a person (a tyrant) being killed with the latin phrase “Sic Semper Tyrannis.” This phrase translates to “thus always to tyrants.” It is a graphical representation of the attitude present at the foundation of our country. The attitude that our rights are inherent, that they are given to us by our Creator, and that defense of those rights against those who seek to trample them is one of the highest ideals to which one should aspire. More than that though, it was the idea that this was the only legitimate purpose for the existence of a government.

It seems that we have come full circle. Now, rather than protecting our rights, the government again seeks to trample them. As I write this, there are literal cheers and applause as the Governor of Virginia and his administration hold a press conference to demand that we surrender our rights. Under the guise of protection against the backdrop of a horrific event, people are cheering on the idea that if we strip the law-abiding citizen of their rights then we will all magically be safer.

Never mind that murder is already illegal. Never mind that people were stripped of their rights and not allowed to carry their own personal protection within the building in which this terrible tragedy occurred. Never mind that if even one of them had been able to do that this tragedy might well have been averted. No, never mind any of that. What we need now is the further erosion of the fundamental rights to life and liberty inherent to us all.

Therein lies the absurdity of it all. The people who worked inside that building had their rights stripped from them and as a direct result they were murdered by someone who had no regard for their lives, much less the laws that were supposed to make them safer. The very definition of the word criminal is “one who has committed a crime,” therefore criminals, by definition, do not follow the law. So why, then, do these people cheering think that more laws will somehow protect people?

The answer is, they don’t. Clearly no rational person could honestly believe that another law will stop a person who is intent on breaking the law. It’s asinine. They know this will make no difference. That’s not why they are doing it. What they really care about is their agenda. This incident is something they see as an opportunity to implement their agenda.

The primary reason for the enactment of the Second Amendment was to allow for the citizens to resist a tyrannical government. It wasn’t for hunting, it wasn’t for sport, and it wasn’t for collecting bits of nostalgia. It was for protection. The fundamental rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (or property but that’s another blog) exist with the knowledge that there are those who would attempt to deprive you of them. Accordingly, the most basic of all rights then, is the right to defend yourself from said oppressors.

And that’s where the rub comes in. These people know that to enact the type of government that they ultimately desire they will need complete submission to the state. As long as the citizenry have a means to resist that submission, they cannot achieve their goals. That is why they hold disgusting press conferences dancing on the graves of people who aren’t even cold yet championing the further erosion of your fundamental rights. Because it suits their agenda. They cannot, in the words of Barack Obama’s former chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel, let a serious crisis go to waste because it’s an opportunity to do things they could not do before.

Now I realize some people may be inclined to think that I am conflating the issues, but I am not. Look at it objectively. Every single time one of these things happens, they immediately trot out their arguments in favor of gun control. Every. Single. Time. I can almost hear the argument now “well yeah, because people were shot with gun, if the gun wasn’t there it wouldn’t have happened.” But that’s an absurd argument for a variety of reasons.

The gun was merely a tool. The intent of the person to murder innocent people is the real issue here. The lack of regard for human life. The complete breakdown of the mental state of a person that leads to the justification of a moment’s anger as a legitimate cause for mass murder, that is the issue.

Now before someone says it, “but the gun made the killing easier and allowed for more victims.” No, actually, it didn’t. What provided that opportunity was the fact that law-abiding people within the building were left without a means to protect themselves. That is what caused the high number of fatalities, not the gun.

Nevertheless, they always seem to have some ready-made solutions involving more restrictions on guns. The removal of the gun from the hands of the citizenry is an ongoing crusade for them. It has nothing to do with the crime that was committed, it is a part of their agenda. These incidents actually work in their favor because it gives them a fresh platform from which to spew their madness. Notice how no matter how many facts and statistics you show them that refute their claims, they stick with it? Their responses are ready-made because their agenda already exists.

This is why they froth at the mouth and make much ado over incidents like these. Their socialist, communist, big-government utopia is within arms reach, all they need is but to eliminate the guns. It’s so close they can taste it. “Think of the children!” “Agony, agony!” “Won’t someone please do something?!?!” “Thoughts and prayers aren’t enough!!!” They scream as they wring their hands and gnash their teeth for show, all while salivating at the thought that they can achieve their true end goal.

Unfortunately for them there will always be people like me who see that end goal for what it is. Tyranny. I will not sit idly by as you parade innocent victims around and try to use them as a justification for the enactment of tyranny. Those victims did not deserve to die and your previous tyrannical gun control efforts are directly responsible for their deaths. I will not fall victim to your propaganda and give up more of my rights to aid your agenda. Depriving me of my right to defend myself does nothing to prevent tragedies such as these, it only serves your agenda. An agenda which, by the way, goes against this country’s foundation and against the foundation of the Commonwealth of Virginia. As evidenced by the flag itself, that is not what the people here stand for, and it never will be.

The right to keep and bear arms is a right, you don’t get to violate it. As far as I am concerned, every law is an infringement. I will not comply, I will not submit. I will not give in to your gun control agenda, or any of your agenda for that matter, and I will fight you every step of the way as you try to implement it. Sic Semper Tyrannis.

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