The Cultural Jihad Squad

Recently, there has been much ado over exchanges between the President and a group collectively known as “the squad.” This group consists of four U.S. Congresswomen and while they are all dangerous in their own ways, I would like to focus specifically on two of them here today. While I am not dismissing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s extreme socialist agenda or Ayanna Pressley’s “you’re only authentically black if you think like me” racism, they are subjects for another post. Today, I’d like to focus on the other half of the squad. Specifically, their ongoing Cultural jihad and the danger it poses our country. 

Many Americans are familiar with the term jihad. What many are not familiar with, however, is the term Cultural jihad. Cultural jihad works like a trojan horse, a beachhead if you will, in which the jihadists establish themselves in an area and then begin to secure their enclaves. It starts with no go zones and local shariah[1]and ends with a complete takeover of the American system. Sound hysterical? Far-fetched? Fear mongering? Actually, I wish. While I am not suggesting we are there yet, what I am suggesting is twofold: one, this complete takeover is the end goal and two, it has already begun. Unfortunately, most Americans are ignorant to this stated goal and scarier still, this ignorance is exploited to further the agenda of the Cultural jihad.[2]

Regrettably, we can see the effects of the early stages of this Cultural jihad beginning to come to fruition within the United States today. In 2016, the United States took in more Muslim refugees than it ever had before[3]and the vast majority of those were from Syria and Somalia.[4]This is especially troubling given that Syria is part of the area responsible for the formation of ISIS[5]and Somali refugees make up the largest population segment to have joined or attempted to join terrorist camps in the last 12 years.[6]In fact, Minnesota’s fifth congressional district is the terror recruitment capital of the country.[7]Additionally, there is a convincing indication that the Somali community within the United States does not identify itself as being a part of the American community much less the Minnesota one.[8]There is also a strong amount of evidence to suggest that when a community, such as the Somali one in Minnesota, simply relocates in large numbers they are effectively transplanting themselves to a new location rather than integrating to that new location. As a result they will subsequently be less likely to embrace the values and culture of their new home.[9]This is especially true for Somalis as there is an active element within their community that specifically discourages them from identifying as “black” or “African-American.”[10] It is particularly troubling then, that this same area is attempting to spread its ideology to the rest of the country by sending their values to the U.S Congress in the form of one of their own, another refugee, Ilhan Omar.[11]

In a similar fashion, Detroit, Michigan has been previously called the Arab capital of North America.[12]Arab-Detroit, even as recently as 2016, was seen as the capital of Arab-America[13]and it too has sent a representative of its values to the United States House of Representatives by electing Rashida Tlaib.[14]It is interesting to note that Representative Tlaib, despite having been born in the U.S., refers to herself repeatedly as Palestinian.[15]This is more evidence of the same type of cultural displacement and rejection present in the Arab-Detroit community as evidenced in the Somali areas.[16]Immediately upon swearing in to her newly elected office, Rep. Tlaib hurled expletives at the President and threatened to impeach him.[17]Rep. Tlaib also has ties[18]to the Hamas linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)[19]and has even knowingly shared the stage with Muslim Brotherhood representatives.[20]

Representative Omar shares similar cultural jihad proclivities as well, having actually gone so far as to raise money for extremist organizations.[21]When she is not engaging in fundraising for jihadist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood[22]she is busy blaming America for terror activity,[23]insulting the victims of 9/11,[24] and falsely accusing the United States of slaughtering thousands of Somalis.[25]She even recently was seen refusing to condemn al Qaeda[26]and even laughing at Americans for fearing them.[27]On top of that, there is increasing evidence to suggest that she committed fraud against the United States.[28]Additionally, Representatives Tlaib and Omar also both misled their constituents on their views regarding support for anti-Israeli organizations and movements.[29]

These are prime examples of cultural jihad. Two women, with deeply held beliefs that clearly align with Muslim Jihadists, are now responsible for enacting legislation that affects the entire United States. Setting aside the religious doctrines of Islam and the evidence of its seeming incompatibility with western democracy,[30]the important thing to remember about this type of thinking is that it does not matter what we think about their religion or even what others in their religion think about their religion, it only matters what they think about their religion. The people who subscribe to this ideology believe that they are called by Allah to do everything in their power to institute Sharia law all over the world.[31]There is no room for coexistence, despite what the bumper stickers would have you believe. The adherents to this ideology believe that such ideals do not overlap. As one Muslim writer put it: “these two competing political systems are antithetical to each other. You can’t be democratic and be a Muslim or a Muslim and be a democrat.”[32]

This type of slow infiltration, this Cultural jihad, is extremely dangerous. It is a slow erosion of our own culture and traditions with the expressly stated goal of our subjugation.[33]These are just two examples in a country of millions, yet they have already made it to our lawmaking establishments. These two women, with clear and demonstrable ties to anti-American organizations, are an active threat to the continued existence of the United States. I understand if people want to disregard these statements as hyperbole, but the simple fact of the matter is, they are not. You can go to any Muslim-organized activity in this country and hear the evidence for yourself. They insist that America will be a Muslim nation. I urge anyone reading this to remember what I said previously: it doesn’t matter what you or I believe about their beliefs, it only matters what they believe. I strongly encourage you to take these people at their word and judge them by their actions. Because actions speak louder than words, and their words are speaking volumes.

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